🍋 Private Equity Downsizes

Why private equity giants are revising their investment strategy and going all-in on small deals, plus Lordstown went bankrupt and home prices set a decade first.

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Good Morning! Commuting is so back… or is it? Real estate investor Vornado thinks so, and is betting on the area near NYC’s Penn Station with a $1 billion investment. But while the commute might be making a post-Covid comeback, it looks like cruise ships are still struggling. Apparently cruise ships are posting their worst stomach virus pace in years.

Lordstown, an EV startup, filed for bankruptcy. And last month, home prices posted their first annual decline for the first time since 2012.

In honor of intern season, here are our top 30 favorite Wall Street intern stories.

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PE Goes Smaller

If you work in private equity, it has been a challenging year. Debt just isn’t as cheap and abundant as it was during the pandemic. So private equity giants are snapping up smaller companies.

Take Blackstone and Ares, for example. Their bread-and-butter are the larger transactions. But right now, they’re finding smaller takeovers can enhance current portfolio companies.

Private equity companies can buy smaller companies with little to no debt. And then, they merge these companies with other portfolio companies within their portfolio aka tuck-in acquisitions.

Private equity firms have over $1.4 trillion of dry powder to spend, so it makes sense that they’re eager to invest. But not everyone’s a fan of the smaller deals - some think it slows down the investment process.

Takeaway: The lending environment hasn’t looked this hawkish since 2007. Private equity is financial engineering at its finest and is even a dangerous game to play in a low interest rate environment. So it makes sense that these financial engineers are adapting and not taking any more risk than they have to. The average private equity deal has a $66 million value. Last year it was $132 million. And the highest average value ever? $655 million in 2007.


Markets Rundown

Stocks closed higher as positive economic data quiets slowdown fears.

Movers & Shakers

  • (+) Generac ($GNRC) +9% after the generator company announced a dramatic increase in demand.

  • (+) Delta ($DAL) +7% after the airline revised its earnings forecast.

  • (–) Walgreens ($WBA) -9% after the company revised its full-year guidance.

Private Dealmaking

  • Ares acquired a $3.5 billion loan portfolio from PacWest

  • Thomson Reuters bought Casetext, an AI assistant for lawyers, for $650 million 

  • Cyera, a cloud data security startup, raised $100 million

  • Empress Therapeutics, a small molecule drug developer, raised $50 million

  • Levit, the operator of a South Korean shopping app, raised $46 million

  • Slang.ai, a phone answering product, raised $20 million


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Source: Axios


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