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The latest on-cycle private equity recruiting chatter, plus WeWork headed for bankruptcy, and hedge fund bots better than humans.

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“Our valuation and size today are much more based on our energy and spirituality than it is on a multiple of revenue.” — Adam Neumann


Good Morning! Job openings crept up for a second straight month to 9.6 million and the Fed took it easy yesterday, leaving interest rates unchanged.

It’s been a rough year for hedge funds. Investors pulled $80 billion from the industry in redemptions and computer-driven funds outperformed human stock pickers in October, according to a Goldman study. Private equity firm CVC postponed its IPO plans. And it sounds like ChatGPT could be the new Lehman Brothers - the SEC chair thinks AI could spark the next global financial crisis.

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WeWork might officially be the worst startup failure of all time. Multiple reports broke this week that the office space company is filing for bankruptcy.

WeWork has now lost 99.99% of its value. Before its IPO flopped in 2019, the company was valued at $47 billion. But after yesterday’s close, its market cap hovered at a mere $65 million. 

The company has one week to reach an agreement with bondholders before it defaults. An official bankruptcy filing is expected early next week.

The company warned of substantial doubts about its future in August, so this isn’t unexpected. Adam Neumann’s brainchild burned $530 million during the first six months of 2023 and only had $205 million of cash on hand. They have $15 billion in debt coming due by 2028.

Takeaway: WeWork just hasn’t been the same since its former CEO Adam Neumann got caught hotboxing on his private jet. Back in 2019, there was real hope WeWork could disrupt commercial real estate the way Amazon disrupted stores. So if you’re a hybrid worker somehow still bouncing around WeWorks in 2023 - you might need to find a new spot to work. 


Markets Rundown

Stocks closed higher and S&P 500 had its best ‘Fed-day’ performance since July.

Movers & Shakers

  • (+) Garmin ($GRMN) +11% after beating quarterly estimates; raising its sales outlook.

  • (+) Apollo Global Management ($APO) +8% after the megafund posted strong credit growth.

  • (–) Estée Lauder ($EL) -19% after cutting its full-year forecast.

Private Dealmaking

  • NEXT Insurance, a small business insurer, raised $265 million 

  • Shield AI, a military drone tech developer, raised $200 million

  • CMBlu, a solid-flow battery developer, raised $107 million

  • JSSI, a Chinese chipmaker, raised $82 million

  • FusionAuth, an authentication management software, raised $65 million 

  • SkyCell, a vaccine transportation startup, raised $57 million


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Short Squeez Picks


Net Interest Payments on US Federal Debt

Source: Axios


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Wall Street Corner

On-Cycle Private Equity Recruiting

On-cycle private equity recruiting has never really made sense to any of us. Investment Banking Analysts start getting hit up by headhunters in their first week on the job… for a job that they will start in two years time.

But such is the nature of the game now, with private equity firms fighting it out for the best talent.

Now one headhunting firm has shared insights on how investment banking groups are placing during on-cycle recruiting.

Safe to say no one is surprised…

The strongest 3 banks for megafunds and upper-middle-market placements were Morgan Stanley, Evercore and Goldman Sachs.

~50% of Week 1 acceptances (offers handed out during the first 7-day period of on-cycle recruiting) were from those 3 banks.

And the best groups on the street for placements? Morgan Stanley Tech, Goldman Sachs FIG, and PJT Restructuring.

Here are the top 8 investment banks by acceptance of Week 1 PE offers.


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