🍋 It’s Time To Buy A Rolex

Why luxury watch prices hit a 2-year low, plus inflation also hit a 2-year low, and 2023 Wall Street bonuses.

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“If I believe that I am right, I will take it to the end of the earth until I am proven right.” — Bill Ackman


Good Morning! Wall Street’s already popping bottles over yesterday’s CPI report - October saw inflation increase at its slowest pace in two years at 3.2%. But Ken Griffin is warning that the Fed could damage its credibility if it slashes rates too soon.

Gen-Z says media and entertainment is the number one industry they want to work in. Toys-R-Us is making a comeback and reopening shop in America’s biggest mall. And you might have to wait another year for that bonus rebound - a Wall Street comp study projects buyside bonuses to stay flat, and investment bank bonuses to fall as much as 25%.

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It’s Time To Buy A Rolex

Looks like it’s time to flex your wrist game and snag a Rolex or Patek Philippe – the luxury watch market is giving you the green light.

Bloomberg's Subdial Watch Index, the key index tracking luxury watch prices, took a 1.8% dip in October, hitting a 2-year low at $34k. That's a 42% nosedive from its April 2022 peak of $60k. And that means we’re seeing steep discounts - and it’s not even Black Friday yet!

During the pandemic, everyone wanted a piece of Rolex, Patek, and Audemars Piguet action, sending demand through the roof. But now, as we're battling high-interest rates and lingering inflation, the luxury boom seems to be winding down.

But, if you want to lock in a deal right now, experts are cautioning you to hold up. Prices could be poised to fall even more. The amount of pre-owned watches listed is up by 5% since August. And sellers are dropping prices, playing the sales game before the holiday rush hits. 

Takeaway: It’s Econ 101 - luxury goods are very sensitive to high inflation and interest rates. And Americans just don’t have the Wall Street bonuses or pandemic savings or crypto bros that they did in 2021.


Markets Rundown

Stocks surged after better-than-expected inflation data.

Movers & Shakers

  • (+) Enphase Energy ($ENPH) +16% because clean energy stocks jumped after the CPI report.

  • (+) VF Corp. ($VFC) +10% because the Timbs maker’s director bought an additional 20k in shares.

  • (–) Sea Limited ($SE) -22% after the tech conglomerate posted a surprising loss.

Private Dealmaking

  • Glencore bought the coal unit of Teck Resources for $6.9 billion 

  • Columbia Asia Healthcare bought the hospital unit of Ramsay Health Care for $1.2 billion

  • TotalEnergies bought three of TexGen Power’s power plants for $635 million

  • Aurelius bought The Body Shop for $254 million

  • Airbnb bought GamePlanner.AI, an AI startup, for around $200 million

  • MBrace Therapeutics, an antibody-drug developer, raised $85 million

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Inflation Softens

Year-over-year change in CPI

Source: Axios


The window to invest in RYSE closes this month

Venture capitalists know how difficult it is to spot promising early investment opportunities. 

Even the all-knowing Sharks from Shark Tank declined the offer to buy 10% of Ring for $700,000 - a decision they would regret when Amazon acquired Ring, turning the $700,000 into $10M!

What made Ring blow up and change doorbells forever? Retail distribution.

You’ve heard us talk about RYSE and their deal to launch in +100 Best Buys. But did you know that they pitched on Canada’s Shark Tank (Dragons Den) and received two offers?

Exits in the smart home industry have shown to yield massive returns for early investors (look at Ring and Nest's billion dollar acquisitions) and the Dragons think they’ve spotted a winner in RYSE.


Zeigarnik Effect

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