🍋 NFL 🤝 Private Equity

The NFL will vote on new rules later this month that could allow private equity firms to buy up to 30% of an NFL franchise, plus Peloton meets PE.

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Good Morning! TikTok is firing back at the U.S., claiming a ban violates the First Amendment. Meanwhile, Peloton’s battered stock skyrocketed on reports of a potential private equity buyout. Sweetgreen is giving those sad desk salads a makeover by incorporating steak. And it looks like New Yorkers will be able to afford it - a new study found NYC is one of the world’s wealthiest cities with 1 in 24 residents now being a millionaire. Plus Apple dropped a new iPad Pro, and Stifel fired two traders for an inappropriate relationship with…the office cleaner. 

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NFL 🤝 Private Equity

NFL owners want to bring in new teammates - private equity firms.

Out of the four major professional sports leagues, the NFL is the only one that outright bans private equity ownership. But it’s looking like that’s all trending to change at the annual league meetings later this month

And under the proposed rules, private equity firms would be able to buy as much as 30% of NFL franchises.

A key reason? NFL teams are just too expensive for individuals to buy on their own. With price tags ranging from $4-6 billion and some teams like the Dallas Cowboys flexing $10B+ valuations, even billionaires need to tap private equity to fund their acquisitions.

And private equity doesn’t just want to own the teams - they’re potentially even more interested in the real estate that comes with it. For example, the Chicago Bears just announced plans for a $4 billion stadium - and you’d have to think the notoriously cheap franchise is hoping to tap private equity investors for the state-of-the-art development. 

Of course, there would need to be guardrails before allowing private equity involvement. The NFL would vet and need to approve owners. The NBA might be a good model to follow - they don’t let one firm own more than 20% of a single franchise, and you can only own stakes in five teams.

Takeaway: While some current NFL owners are optimistic about opening up the league to private equity involvement, it’s not clear what the move would do to current franchise valuations. And it raises a few interesting questions. Even though investors say they’re most interested in the real estate opportunities behind sports, what would have happened if, for example, Ares held stakes in both the 49ers and the Chiefs before the Super Bowl?


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Markets Rundown

S&P ended slightly up, extending closing streak despite Disney drag.

Movers & Shakers

  • (+) Peloton ($PTON) +16% after reports of potential private equity takeover interest.

  • (–) Walt Disney Co ($DIS) -10% after the company struggles to make streaming profitable.

  • (–) Palantir ($PLTR) -15% after issuing weaker-than-expected guidance.

Private Dealmaking

  • Global Infrastructure Partners and CPP Investments bought Allete for $6.2 billion

  • Clearlake Capital and Francisco Partners bought the software integrity unit of Synopsys for $2.1 billion 

  • Wayve, a self-driving software developer, raised $1.05 billion

  • Akamai bought Noname Security for $450 million

  • DocuSign bought Lexion, a contract automation startup, for $165 million

  • Privateer, a space data startup, raised $56.5 million

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We would thus enter a condition of "post-instrumentality", in which our efforts are not needed for any practical purpose. Furthermore, at technological maturity, human nature becomes entirely malleable.

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Robinhood Stock Price

Source: Axios


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Some individuals have a magnetic quality that makes them instantly likable upon first meeting. These people often exhibit a set of habits that enhance their ability to connect and communicate effectively, contributing significantly to their charisma. Here are six common traits they tend to practice:

Presence: Likable people are fully engaged in their interactions, focusing entirely on the conversation rather than how they are perceived. Their attention to the present moment makes others feel valued and understood.

Generosity in Giving Credit: In professional settings, these individuals boost their likability by acknowledging the contributions of others. Recognizing team members’ efforts fosters a collaborative environment and makes others feel appreciated.

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