🍋 Millennials Want To Play More Golf

Why millennials are infiltrating boomers' retiree and golf communities, plus stock buybacks are back.

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Good Morning! Meme stocks are back - but the surge doesn’t seem to be the red flag it used to be. Meanwhile, stock buybacks are at the highest level since 2018, signaling investor optimism in the economy. Long-time rivals UberEats and Instacart are teaming up. And Match is looking to Hinge as Tinder falls. Plus FTX expects most customers to get all of their money back, and Wall Street bonuses are expected to surge this year.

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Millennials Want To Play More Golf

Millennials are getting to the age where they ditch the big cities and move where the grass is greener - literally.

Living in golf communities used to be a go-to for boomers and retirees. But now, with the rise of hybrid work, millennials are going all-in on the golf country club lifestyle. And they’re finding that living in golf communities provides a bunch of social opportunities, too. 

Golf's popularity made an unlikely resurgence during the pandemic - and in 2023, more golf rounds were played than any other year on record.

Right now, the average age of new private golf club joiners is in their early 40s - which is younger than before. And while golf used to be an old man’s game - the National Golf Foundation says 18-to-34-year-olds make up 30% of those playing golf now.

Takeaway: Millennials don’t want to pay more for less for city living. And with the rise of hybrid work, there’s less of a need to be mere minutes from the office, especially if you don’t work crazy hours. The only downside? Boomers aren’t thrilled with their golfing communities getting raided by millennials and single families, but hey, maybe they'll finally master the art of avocado toast.


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Markets Rundown

Stocks closed slightly lower as Treasury yields pressure the market.

Movers & Shakers

  • (+) Lyft ($LYFT) +7% after the rideshare company announced a Q1 revenue beat, bookings growth.

  • (–) Shopify ($SHOP) -19% after forecasting slower Q2 sales growth.

  • (–) Tripadvisor ($TRIP) -29% after the online booking company rejected a takeover offer.

Private Dealmaking

  • Ardonagh Group bought PSC Insurance for $1.49 billion 

  • Wiz, a cloud security firm, raised $1 billion 

  • Atlan, an AI governance startup, raised $105 million

  • Meati Foods, a mushroom-based foods maker, raised $100 million 

  • Rodina Capital bought the fleet tech unit of Rubicon Technologies for $94 million 

  • Legion Technologies, a workforce management software provider, raised $50 million

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