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(1) Exclusive interviews with top talent at investment banking, private equity, hedge funds and big tech firms

We ask the questions everyone’s afraid to ask so you get insight into their investment portfolio, career advice, and stock and crypto picks. This is your chance to be a fly on the wall while leaders at top firms reveal everything about their money and career that’s normally kept secret.

For example inside the first few issues, you’ll discover:

  • Why a Goldman Sachs VP is going all in on Ethereum
  • The #1 tech stock a finance manager at Amazon is buying after the dip
  • Why a tech CEO is bullish on nuclear/uranium stocks, and what he’s buying
  • The best and worst career advice these folks received
  • Their favorite books, websites and excel shortcuts

(2) Resources to help you level up your career in finance (or break into IB, PE, and VC)

Insider’s unlock access to The Vault - a growing collection of investing and recruiting guides, modeling courses, salary and comp data, institutional research, and much more.

  • Short Squeez private equity guides and modeling resources updated regularly
  • Investment Banking recruiting and resume help, mock interviews, helpful websites, and modeling courses
  • Excel and PowerPoint shortcuts
  • Investing guides & free e-books
  • Full newsletter archive

(3) A tight-knit community of finance professionals

Join our private discord and network with fellow bankers and professionals. Get referrals and recruiting help for top firms from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. And get access to us, The Short Squeez Editors.

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