Labor Day Special Offer

Hope you are not laboring on Labor Day. We come in peace and bring you a Labor Day Special Offer:

Labor Day Bundle: FREE 1-Year Insiders Membership with Excel Course

That's right! For the next 24 hours, when you purchase our Investment Banking Excel Course, you'll receive a 1-Year Membership to Insiders ($290 value), absolutely FREE. It's like having your cake and eating it too, but in this case, the cake is both delicious and financially rewarding.

What You Get in the Excel Course

  • Expert training from Henry Copses, our smartest private equity associate.

  • 5+ years of professional Excel lessons, tips, and tricks condensed into a few, efficient hours.

  • A full money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied.

And since it’s Labor Day, you can take $250 off the course with code: LABORDAY.

What You Get with Your FREE 1-Year Insiders Membership

  • Investing Newsletter: Weekly stock picks/investment ideas.

  • Knowledge Newsletter: Latest research, podcasts, and articles.

  • Private Equity Course: Recruiting course to break into private equity.

  • Vault: Collection of 100+ guides and resources.

How to Redeem This Offer?

Click here to purchase the Investment Banking Excel Course and 1-Year Insiders Membership. Offer valid for 24 hours.

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