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Why one VC shop in NYC is publicly ranking each intern, plus the latest jobs data, and Barbie reaches $1B club.

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“Sometimes the way to make money is when everyone else thinks the world is ending.” — Bill Ackman

Good Morning! In July, hiring experienced a slight slowdown, yet the U.S. economy managed to add nearly 200k jobs. The job market is finally returning to the pre-pandemic norms, but one aspect of Covid that’s here to stay? NYC just passed a law that will let restaurants keep their outdoor dining structures - as long as they remove them during the winter. And speaking of jobs and the pandemic - a new study uncovered that fully-remote new hires are 18% less productive.

The Barbie movie reached a $1 billion box office this weekend, bankruptcies among private-equity-backed portfolio companies are on track to reach a 13-year high, and back-to-school spending could reach $40 billion this fall.

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Intern Hunger Games

If you haven't been able to tell by all the teenage-looking students walking around Midtown in Patagonia Vests, intern season is in full swing. And while Wall Street interns are competing with each other for return offers, it’s usually just a friendly competition (but all bets are off at the company happy hour).

A venture capital firm Insight Partners is taking this ‘Intern Hunger Games’ to a whole new level. Insight ranks every single intern and then displays the rankings on a public leaderboard that all employees can see.

The ranking criteria are based on various yet vague metrics, such as meeting attendance, email communication, and phone calls. At VC funds like Insight, interns spend much of their time conducting research, making cold calls to startups, and presenting the most promising ones. Interns are expected to send upwards of 150-200 emails per week and make dozens of phone calls to find startups looking for funding.

And Insight manages $79 billion, reportedly has 18 investment summer analysts, and was an early backer of DocuSign and Shopify.

Despite the ranking system, the firm is supposedly reassuring interns not to worry about their position… (sounds good, will do!)

Takeaway: We’ve seen some odd buyside cultures in recent times - like the hedge fund Bridgewater recording all meetings, but ranking all the interns is up there in the wacky culture rankings. And as always, you can find our Wall Street firm feedback deck here.


Markets Rundown

Stocks closed lower after an underwhelming earnings quarter.

Movers & Shakers

  • (+) Tupperware ($TUP) +36% after reaching a debt restructuring deal.

  • (+) Amazon ($AMZN) +8% after posting a blowout quarter.

  • (–) TeIcahn Enterprises ($IEP) -23% after cutting its dividend after short-seller report.

Private Dealmaking

  • GoStudent, an Austrian tutor marketplace, raised $95 million

  • Endor Labs, a code and pipeline governance platform, raised $70 million

  • TytoCare, a virtual home care company, raised $49 million

  • Finda, a loan comparison platform, raised $37 million

  • Intellum, an enterprise learning management company, raised $25 million

  • Pockit, a prepaid credit card startup, raised $10 million


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