🍋 Cyberquake on Wall Street

How the world's biggest bank got hacked, traversing Manhattan on a USB stick, plus $29 flights are back.

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Good Morning! The holiday airline mid off is back - JetBlue, Spirit, and Frontier have 260 million seats to fill this quarter and are racing to the bottom, offering $29 flights. Weight-loss drugs are the hottest new corporate benefit. The millionaire biohacker Bryan Johnson says he’s already burned through $4 million trying to reverse his biological age. A British grocery store chain axed all of its self-checkouts. And Google is in talks to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in the chatbot startup CharacterAI.

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Cyberquake on Wall Street

The finance world is still trying to figure out how the world’s biggest bank, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd., got hit with a massive cyberattack. 

The situation escalated to the point where a physical transfer of data via USB stick across Manhattan was necessary to facilitate trade settlements involving the bank's $5.74 trillion in assets.

The key suspect is the infamous Lockbit crew, suspected to be Russian mobsters. They’ve been behind some of the most high-profile cyberattacks, from Boeing to the Royal Mail. Once ICBC was hit, chaos ensued. Market-makers, brokerages, and banks were left scrambling, rerouting trades, and begging for access.

Ransomware is a common cyberattack technique - taking control and only letting go when the victim coughs up the dough. And it's gotten pretty popular. Chinese banks usually keep things under wrap, and there’s talk the attack hit the U.S. Treasuries market.

This isn’t the first major cyber attack on the financial world. Remember ION Trading UK? They got slapped with ransomware eight months ago, causing markets to tap out and bankers to deal with transactions manually.

Takeaway: Bank leaders are starting to lose sleep over cyberattacks. The fear? A full-on cyberattack that cripples the financial system's backbone, causing mass chaos. And if anything - experts say ICBC is a surprising target. China banned crypto, a favorite of hackers because of its anonymity.


Markets Rundown

Stocks closed higher and continued their year-end rally.

Movers & Shakers

  • (+) Palantir Technologies ($PLTR) +8% because the company says AI adoption is growing.

  • (–) Groupon ($GRPN) -35% after the e-commerce company said its turnaround is taking longer than expected.

  • (–) Plug Power ($PLUG) -40% because the hydrogen company says they could run out of money in a year.

Private Dealmaking

  • Roller, a venue management software platform, raised $50 million

  • Eleos Health, a therapy voice analytics provider, raised $40 million

  • Skyroot Aerospace, a satellite launch service provider, raised $27.5 million

  • Engine Biosciences, a drug discovery platform, raised $27 million

  • Tabnine, a code generation startup, raised $25 million

  • Arch, a private investment management platform, raised $20 million

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