🍋 Consultants are Chilling

Why some consultants are making 100k watching Netflix all day, plus the Master of Coin is out and Zoom wants employees to RTO.

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Good Morning! Tesla lost its ‘Master of Coin’ yesterday - CFO Zachary Kirkhorn is abruptly stepping down ahead of the Cybertruck launch. Kirkhorn had been touted as a potential successor to Musk, and $TSLA’s value grew from $50 billion to $773 billion in the four years he was CFO. And Elon Musk says the cage match with Zuck is still on - he hinted at potentially needing surgery before, though.

The AI stock bubble might be popping after underwhelming Q2 earnings, and investors are bracing for this week’s CPI report. And in a twist of irony, Zoom is ordering its employees to return-to-office.

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Consultants are Chilling

We’ve all known consultants have a slightly better work-life balance than their investment banking counterparts. After all, getting that ‘pls fix’ email at 9pm opposed to 2am hits different. But with consulting revenue drying up over the past year, junior consultants are literally left with nothing to do. And they’re starting to wonder...has their work-life balance gotten too good?

Consultants, especially at the junior level, often toggle between getting staffed on projects (where they’re usually working 60+ hour weeks), or taking a break and going ‘on the beach’ between projects. Benched consultants are sort of living the dream - they’re making a fat salary and can watch Netflix, hit up Equinox, or even just take a nap while they informally network and stay on top of emails.

But some consultants say they’ve mostly been benched over the past year or two. And with firms like EY, KPMG, and BCG slashing jobs and McKinsey and Bain pushing back start dates - they’re worried they could get pushed out before they get valuable experience.

Consultant headcounts have swelled over the past decade. And while firms rely on junior talent, many institute ‘up-and-out’ models (only 80% of the analyst class gets promoted, the other 20% are pushed out). And with 65% of the top 100 consultant clients saying they’ve paused projects over recession concerns, there’s just not enough work to go around.

Takeaway: The consultant boom-times might be over…and who knows what the industry will look like as generative AI catches on. After-all, why hire McKinsey when you can just ask ChatGPT who you should lay off? But you gotta pour one out for the recent MBB and Big Four consultant hires - they’re making upwards of $100k literally doing nothing.


Markets Rundown

The S&P 500 and Nasdaq snapped a four-day losing streak as stocks rebounded.

Movers & Shakers

  • (+) Sovos Brands ($SOVO) +25% after the sauce maker will be acquired by Campbell.

  • (+) DaVita ($DVA) +4% after UBS raised the dialysis provider to ‘buy’ on its strong growth trajectory.

  • (–) BioNTech ($BNTX) -7% after the Covid vaccine maker reported a big revenue miss.

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