🍋 Bulls and Backstabbers

Why Wall Street's done with Carl Icahn, plus SBF is back behind bars, and Gen-Z is wrecking Planet Fitness.

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“On Wall Street if you want a friend, buy a dog.” — Bill Ackman

Good Morning! SBF had his bail revoked on Friday - turns out he was annoying prosecutors a little too much. Between witness tampering, leaking his ex-girlfriend's diary, and claiming to use a VPN to stream the Super Bowl, he's finding himself behind bars again.

Wall Street's optimism about the U.S. economy's resilience is growing, but the warning signals from the inverted yield curve are starting to demand attention. High-schoolers are reaping free memberships at Planet Fitness, while adults' patience wears thin with TikTok workouts and Gen-Z's gym etiquette.

Amazon’s starting to caution employees who haven’t been back to the office consistently. And dating apps are starting to use AI - sometimes in the form of fictional partners, sometimes as advisor, trainer, ghostwriter or matchmaker.


Bulls and Backstabbers

It's been a dramatic twist in Carl Icahn’s fortunes. He passed control of his nearly $20 billion empire to his son in 2020, and should be sailing into the sunset. But now? The 87-year-old is back at the helm again and fighting for the company's survival. And as it turns out, not everyone on Wall Street is bummed to see his downfall.

Carl Icahn has been in the game for six decades. He made his name in the 1980s and became an iconic activist investor, pressuring companies like Apple to make changes to boost their stock price.

Fast forward to May 2023, when Hindenburg Research unleashed a barrage of criticism, asserting that Icahn Enterprises ($IEP) was a house of cards, its valuation inflated, and assets overpriced. The aftermath was swift and brutal – $IEP lost nearly 50% of its value in mere months, erasing roughly half of Icahn's personal fortune.

And with Icahn's reputation tarnished, he's trying to reforge his legacy by returning to activism.

Takeaway: Icahn didn’t make too many friends on Wall Street and the morning Icahn’s shares plummeted by over 30%, an old adversary, Bill Ackman, couldn't resist a taunting tweet: "On Wall Street, if you want a friend, buy a dog."


Markets Rundown

Stocks dipped lower after a week of sluggish earnings.

Movers & Shakers

  • (+) UBS ($UBS) +6% after the bank ended a roughly $10 billion loss protection agreement with Credit Suisse.

  • (+) Krispy Kreme ($DNUT) +4% after JPMorgan reiterated its overweight rating.

  • (–) Coinbase ($COIN) -3% after Mizuho reiterated its underperform rating, says retail traders are using Robinhood instead.

Private Dealmaking

  • IBM completed its purchase of Apptio for $4.6 billion

  • Moove, a Nigerian vehicle financing startup, raised $76 million

  • Georgiamune, an antibody developer, raised $75 million

  • Verdagy, a developer of electrolyzer tech, raised $73 million

  • Persefoni, a climate management and accounting platform, raised $50 million

  • Lula, a “Stripe for insurance” startup, raised $35 million

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It’s Going Down - WeWork

WeWork bond price

Source: Axios


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