🍋 Buffett's Mystery Stock Pick Unveiled

Why regulators want to ban derivatives from being used to wager on political elections or sports games, plus Warren Buffett's mystery stock pick.

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"If you’re not confused, you don’t understand things very well." — Charlie Munger

Good Morning! Stocks closed at records yesterday, thanks to the CPI report showing inflation easing last month. TikTok has a new billionaire bidder. Netflix will start airing some NFL games. Meme stocks fell more than 20% as the rally fizzled. Uber dropped some new products including Uber Shuttle, which will have between 14 and 55 seats. that President Biden and former President Trump have agreed to participate in two presidential debates, with the first one scheduled for June 27 on CNN.

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Buffett's Mystery Stock Pick Unveiled

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway unveiled a $6.7 billion stake in insurer Chubb, ending months of speculation about its undisclosed investment in a financial firm.

Berkshire has been building its stake since 2023 but was allowed by the SEC to keep it confidential. The conglomerate, which owns insurance companies like Geico, has been expanding its investments in the insurance sector while reducing holdings in other industries.

Chubb, one of the largest property-casualty insurers in the US, operates in 54 countries. Chubb’s CEO, Evan Greenberg, expanded the company through a 2016 merger, creating a large insurer covering various risks, including cyber attacks and marine shipping.

At Berkshire’s annual meeting, Buffett announced reducing its Apple stake to $135.4 billion for tax reasons. Berkshire’s cash reserves reached $189 billion at the end of March, with expectations to hit $200 billion by the end of the current quarter.

Takeaway: Berkshire has been keeping this purchase secret for two quarters straight, which makes total sense when you think about how many people are copying the trades he makes. Shares of Chubb jumped nearly 9% in extended trading following the news of Berkshire’s stake, proving once again that when Buffett sneezes, the market catches a cold.


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  • TikTok has a new billionaire bidder (AP)

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Markets Rundown

Stocks closed at records yesterday, thanks to the CPI report showing inflation easing last month.

Movers & Shakers

  • (+) Petco ($WOOF) +28% after the pet supplies company appointed a new chairman.

  • (+) Dell Technologies ($DELL) +11% after Morgan Stanley raised its price target on the technology company.

  • (–) GameStop ($GME) -19% after the meme stock rally fizzled.

Private Dealmaking

  • SmarterDx, a cycle management company, raised $50 million

  • Chapter, a Medicare navigation platform, raised $50 million

  • Polymarket, a prediction market, raised $45 million

  • Li Industries, a battery recycling startup, raised $36 million

  • SingeInterface, a provider of SaaS, raised $30 million

  • Data Zoo, a global identity verification startup, raised $22 million

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