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Why the biggest IPO of the year could be a flop, plus tech billionaire's secret green city, and job growth cooled.

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"Cynicism masquerades as wisdom, but it is the furthest thing from it." — Stephen Colbert


Good Morning! Job growth cooled in August, providing hope for a soft landing. And speaking of great news for the economy, Taylor Swift’s releasing an Era’s Tour movie next month to celebrate the $2.2 billion grossing tour. But she probably won’t catch Barbie, which officially became the highest-grossing film of 2023 this weekend.

Robinhood struck a deal with the Feds to buy back SBF’s stake for $605 million - the disgraced crypto mogul might have gone too far supporting Robin Da Hood’s mission of stealing from the rich. And tech billionaires planned to build a green utopia near Fairfield, CA - but their plans might have backfired after getting outed for snatching up 52k acres of farmland.



If you work in investment banking, you know the IPO market has been looking bleak for almost 2 years. But Arm Ltd., the British chipmaker, offered a glimpse of hope.

Arm is going public this year, and investors salivated over the estimated valuation from $60 billion to $70 billion. And Apple, Nvidia, Intel, and Samsung are all in line to be strategic investors in this blockbuster IPO.

But Wall Street's kicking off Arm's roadshow (essentially a sales pitch to investors) this week. And the word on the street? Temper expectations.

Arm was looking to raise $10 billion during its IPO. But now it’s looking for a modest quest of $5-7 billion and could slash its estimated valuation by almost a third.

Key investor concerns? China risks slowing smartphone market growth, and uncertainty regarding AI adoption.

Takeaway: Investors once thought Arm’s valuation could easily reach $80 billion. And an IPO flop might not be enough for the company’s owner (SoftBank) to offset its 2016 acquisition. (Softbank bought a 25% interest in Arm from the Vision Fund for $16.1 billion, at a $64 billion valuation)


Markets Rundown

Stocks closed mixed ahead of Labor Day Weekend.

Movers & Shakers

  • (+) Dell Technologies ($DELL) +21% after crushing Q2 earnings.

  • (+) Lululemon ($LULU) +6% after posting an earnings beat.

  • (–) Tesla ($TSLA) -5% after cutting prices on Model S and Model X vehicles in China.

Private Dealmaking

  • Beta Bionics, a diabetes management solutions developer, raised $100 million

  • AeroSafe Global, a provider of life sciences chain solutions, raised $43 million

  • Sortera, a materials sorting company, raised $30.5 million

  • Optalysys, a data encryption company, raised $27 million

  • Better Life Partners, a provider of health services for people with addictions, raised $26.5 million

  • Cypago, a cybersecurity automation startup, raised $13 million

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More Mothers are Working Than Ever Before

Labor force participation rate for mothers with kids under age 5

Source: Axios


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