🍋 $6B Eclipse Economy

Jamie Dimon thinks AI is the most pressing issue facing JPMorgan, plus the $6B eclipse economy.

“We are completely convinced the consequences [of AI] will be extraordinary and possibly as transformational as some of the major technological inventions of the past several hundred years.” — Jamie Dimon

Good Morning! Yesterday’s solar eclipse boosted the US economy by $6 billion as Americans traveled to witness the event. Blackstone bought Apartment Income REIT in a $10 billion bet that real estate values are nearing lows. And despite generative AI hype, venture capitalists are still pretty much on the sidelines. Plus RBC fired its CFO for an undisclosed relationship with a staffer, and Andrew Huberman’s muscle-building protocol.

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Dimon Bullish on AI

Jamie Dimon dropped his annual shareholder letter yesterday. And in 2024? He says the biggest issue JPMorgan is probably grappling with is artificial intelligence.

Jamie Dimon is feeling pretty bullish on AI. He thinks AI could be as impactful on humanity as the printing press, electricity, and computers. 

Dimon thinks AI could "augment virtually every job" and has identified more than 400 use cases internally for roles within the firm. JPMorgan now has over 2,000 AI data scientists, too.

It’s interesting that during a time of heightened geopolitical and regulatory risks, Dimon chose AI as his first and most pressing topic. 

Jamie Dimon is one of the top voices on Wall Street. So he's definitely lending some credibility to all of the AI hype. Some economists and investors are questioning whether or not we're in a bubble - but Jamie Dimon is pretty much sounding the alarm and telling Wall Street to buckle up for AI mania.

Takeaway: Jamie Dimon being all in on AI is good news for AI. He sees AI not only doing the grunt work but sparking new ways to innovate and serve customers at JPMorgan. Navigating this AI wave will have its ups and downs, but Dimon’s message? It’s time to get excited and ready for change. With JPMorgan leading the charge, we may be on the brink of a finance revolution that’s hopefully going to shake things up in the best way possible.


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Markets Rundown

Stocks closed little changed on Monday as rising Treasury yields weigh on stocks.

Movers & Shakers

  • (+) Tesla ($TSLA) +5% after Elon Musk announces a robotaxi unveil on August 8th.

  • (+) SoFi Technologies ($SOFI) +5% because Citi resumed coverage on the finance company with a buy.

  • (–) Trump Media ($DJT) -8% after investors assessed the social media platform’s profitability.

Private Dealmaking

  • Blackstone bought AIR Communities, an apartment landlord, for $10 billion

  • Vista Equity Partners bought Model N, a pharma revenue optimization platform, for $1.25 billion

  • Tradeweb Markets bought Institutional Cash Distributors for $785 million

  • Varda Space, an in-space manufacturing startup, raised $90 million

  • Colaesce.io, a data management software provider, raised $50 million

  • Electronica Finance, a micro and SME loans provider, raised $48 million

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