Investment Banking Excel Course

Learn to use Excel like the professionals do on Wall Street. By the end of this course, you'll be a spreadsheet king, breezing through Excel without touching your mouse (the correct way to use Excel).

Financial Modeling Course

Learn financial modeling from the pros on Wall Street. Tailored to reflect Wall Street's rigorous standards, this course offers insights into financial modeling techniques used at top investment banks and private equity firms.

Private Equity Recruiting Course

The only course you’ll need to break into private equity. Taken by 500+ professionals, with many securing offers at top private equity funds.

It includes:

  • Every type of interview question you’ll get asked

  • Modeling guidelines + detailed course for beginners

  • Proprietary compensation info (including carry data)

  • Scratch model, deal prep, resume template, etc.

  • 7 actual modeling tests

  • And MUCH more…

Gain insider insights, refine your skills, and secure your dream career in private equity. Enroll now for expert guidance and unmatched industry knowledge.